Reviving Traditional Dairy For A New Generation

Imagine yourself, awaking to the birds chirping and the sizzle of bacon. The crisp mountain air fills your lungs…

About Our Farm

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Welcome to The Classical Cow!  We are committed to bringing you the highest quality fresh dairy from our small Jersey herd.  Our farming practices are simple and traditional: no chemicals, no hormones or antibiotics. Our cows are fed certified organic alfalfa hay and pasture grass only.  

Farming Practices & Philosophy

Welcome to The Classical Cow.  We are a small, family-owned, Jersey Dairy Farm specializing in bringing you quality fresh dairy from Hamilton County. ​​

Our farming practices are very basic and traditional. The Jersey cows graze on fresh grass in season, and are supplemented with certified organic alfalfa hay and chemical-free grass hay.  We do not use hormones or growth stimulants, or routinely treat our cows with antibiotics.

The Classical Cow Story

Our family adventure began in 2007 when my parents brought the first Jersey to the farm, primarily to provide milk for our family.  Quickly, we realized one cow provided far more milk than a few families could consume on a weekly basis.  Word began to spread to neighbors and friends, and we began sharing the milk.  Today we currently milk four cows, twice a day.